Independence, IA
New Books and Audiobooks
  1. madskillz


    Work together to race against your fellow players! Read on...
  2. blueprinttheater

    Blueprint Theater

    Words, words everywhere! Read on...
  3. SRP logo newsflash

    Improv Workshop

    Improvisational acting games, spontaneous skits, & more! Read on...
  4. book discussion group 5

    Book Discussion @ IPL

    Discuss "The Glass Castle" with us! Read on...
  5. heartland

    Heartland Marimba

    Cherished classical works, show tunes, and more! Read on...
  6. farmersmarket

    IPL Teens @ Farmer’s Market

    Prepare delicious snacks on site from the farmer’s fresh ingredients! Read on...
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  1. Our Mission
    To be an essential component, providing relevant services and engaging people community-wide.